Understanding Developers

Dates29/30 March 2014

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm


No. of students

Maximum of eight



$420  (includes lunches, refreshments and all photographic materials)



$100 (balance due two weeks before class)



Many of us have read of the properties of various films and developers and either lack the means or the time to check them out for ourselves.  This workshop will answer many questions by virtue of the practical exercises that we will do. We will work with various developers and actually see the benefits/drawbacks of each with appropriate films and appreciate the subtleties that exist. We will do this with “stand” developers through to the most rapidly agitated forms using various developing agents and also see what serious compensation can achieve. We will use a minimum of four very different developers with four different films.

This is essential ground in mastering b/w.



Attendance at a Getting the Right Negative workshop (or special dispensation – please call Gordon Undy on 0408 461 664)


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The tonal scale workshop

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