Making Platinum/Palladium Photographs

This process needs a negative the size of the final photograph – i.e. it is a contact process – so unless you already make your negatives with a large format camera (4×5 or larger) you need to learn how to make enlarged negatives from your 35mm or medium format (6×6, 6×7 or 6×9) negatives. This necessitates a two part workshop  so Part 1 is about enlarging negatives and Part 2 is about making the actual platinum/ palladium photographs.  If you already have negatives 4×5 or larger then Part 1 is entirely optional.


Part 1 – Not offered in 2014 however if you need to discuss the possibility of tuition in this technique please contact Gordon on 0408 461 664.


Part 2 – 1/2 March 2014

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm


No. of students

Maximum of six in each Part



Part 1:  $490 Part 2:   $490
(includes lunches, refreshments and all photographic materials)



$100 (balance due two weeks before class)



Part 1 will introduce you to making enlarged negatives by analogue means by first enlarging your smaller negative to the final size (up to 5×7 inches in the class) and then contact printing this enlarged inter-positive same size onto another piece of negative material.

The contrast of the resulting negative will have been adjusted to be suitable for the final stage of printing the platinum/palladium photograph on a 100% cotton base.

Part 2 will introduce you to the platinum/palladium process covering its origins, the chemistry, paper types and sources of materials.  You will make two to four photographs from your enlarged negatives in this exquisite medium, become quite proficient in hand-coating the rag base and establishing appropriate chemical mixes and exposure strategies for your photographs.



Pre approval of negatives for both parts of the class.


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