Past Exhibitions


    • 13th February to 16th March - Modern Classics[+]
      Artist - Gibson, Uelsmann, Wimberley, Kenna, et alia

      Modern Classics is a selection of photographs from a number of our favourite artists - Ralph Gibson, Michael Kenna, Tobi Wilkinson, Anne Lynam, Gordon Undy, John Wimberley and Jerry Uelsmann.

      Gibson needs no introduction - a master of the Leica and ambassador for Leica, publisher (Lustrum Press) since 1970 and the author of many books on as many subjects. Kenna is probably the best known name in the world of landscape photography today. His photographs are small but exquisite treasures from the many countries he visits and are very widely collected.

      Wilkinson, Lynam and Undy collaborated last year in Source, a series of freely seen nudes from which we have selected the most compelling by Wilkinson and Lynam. Image at left is Pam by Anne Lynam. New 35mm work from Scotland by Undy gives an intimate glimpse into one of the poet Robbie Burns' favourite haunts, The Birks of Aberfeldy.

      The photographs of John Wimberley and Jerry Uelsmann complete the selection, exhibiting the two most diverse approaches it may be possible to imagine in dealing with the landscape. Wimberley's work is direct, strong and real while Uelsmann's shows a fertile dream field of the imagination.
    • 3rd April to 11th May 2014 - Anne Lynam - Allusions[+]
      Artist - Anne Lynam

      Allusions is a fourteen year retrospective of the wonderful photographs of Anne Lynam.

      Anne's work has won awards and critical acclaim since she first began exhibiting. For example, in 2005 her image of a martini glass entitled Venetian Glass won the International Black and White Spider Award for outstanding achievement in still life.

      Early in her career, in group shows, her photographs were usually the ones singled out for special mention in reviews. Robert McFarlane in the Sydney Morning Herald said of Venetian Glass, "a beautifully observed still life which simultaneously pays homage to Andre Kertesz and Piet Mondrian".

      Now all these years and many solo exhibitions later her vision has become more refined - but no less quirky - and her technique in producing a fine photograph is flawless.
    • 15th May to 22nd June 2014 - Gordon Undy - Australian Photographs 2008-2014[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      On show are twenty one silver gelatin photographs made by master photographer, printer, teacher and mentor Gordon Undy over the past six years from southern Victoria to far north Queensland. Also on display is a boxed set of pigment on rag prints, scanned from the original negatives and printed in collaboration with Stephan Tinkler.
    • 3rd to 13th July 2014 - On the Walls Now[+]
      Artist - Various artists

      On the walls now are some of our favourite photographs from the past 75 years. You will see works by Willy Ronis, Paul Caponigro, George Tice, Linda Connor, Michael Kenna, Tobi Wilkinson, Anne Lynam, Maris Rusis, Ian Williams, Zigi Georges, Ralph Gibson, John Wimberley, Stephen Tester and Harold Cazneaux.
    • 7th August to 7th September 2014 - Michael Kenna[+]
      Artist - Michael Kenna

      In June of 2013 we were delighted to have Michael Kenna visit our gallery  in Surry Hills. While in Sydney he made some photographs before heading  down to Tasmania and on to New Zealand. It is a rare privilege to be the first of Michael's many worldwide galleries to show his photographs from Down Under and to introduce to Australia many others which you may have only seen in books or on a screen.
    • 18th September to 19th October 2014 - Gordon Undy - sojourns[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      Last year Gordon Undy and his wife Lyndell went on an extended overseas holiday, making sojourns or temporary stays in Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, the south-west of France and the west coast of Scotland. As always Gordon was interested in capturing light and form rather than documenting his travels or taking shots of curiosities. In the photograph at right he manages to do all three. In rugby-mad France, in the ancient hill town of Rocamadour, there is a chapel devoted to the oval ball which includes this rather bizarre statue of a Madonna and rugby player.

      sojourns features landscapes, cityscapes, street photography, abstracts and still life in thirty nine fine black and white photographs by this master photographer.
    • 27th November to 21st December 2014 - The Last Picture Show[+]
      Artist - Various artists

      This last show includes some of the best photographs we have brought to you over the years. It includes much from overseas artists which is unlikely to be seen again in Australia for some time, if at all, in a gallery environment. So please avail yourself of this last opportunity to view these originals in a gallery which has been associated with much of the best of classical photography in the world today.


    • 18th March to 20th April - As Good As It Gets[+]
      Artist - Caponigro, Cartier-Bresson, Connor et alia

      As Good As It Gets displays work from 1936 to the present from photographers as diverse as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Linda Connor, Paul Caponigro, Michael Kenna, Constantine Manos, Maris Rusis, Zigi Georges, Ian Williams, Graeme Parkes, Ansel Adams, Steve Tester and Ellie Young, all without a break in perfection. If you ever entertained the thought that Australian photography is second to the best this exhibition will change your view. Our heads are high.
    • 4th July to 4th August - Jerry Uelsmann - Imaginings[+]
      Artist - Jerry Uelsmann

      We are thrilled to introduce the work of legendary American photographer Jerry Uelsmann in his first solo exhibition in Australia. You may be familiar with his imagery from fine art books and your computer screen but if not, be prepared to be consumed by the surreal, intensely imaginative work flawlessly executed by this wonderful artist. He photographs the ordinary then "sees" the final image in his darkroom as an amalgam of up to seven different negatives seamlessly brought together using classical darkroom techniques.

      Jerry Uelsmann lives in Gainesville, Florida, where for many years he was Graduate Research Professor of Art at the University of Florida. His photographs are held in the permanent collections of most of the world's major galleries and art museums including the Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris), Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and the National Gallery of Australia.

      (Image at left) 2003 Untitled [hands holding water] by Jerry Uelsmann

    • 8th August to 8th September - Source[+]
      Artist - Anne Lynam, Gordon Undy, Tobi Wilkinson

      Woman - it is a biological fact that the female of our species is both the source and cradle of human life - equipped both emotionally and physically to ensure that new life will be created.

      The aesthetic appeal of the female form, its mysteries and mannerisms, combine with the unique qualities of light in various locations to spark the commitment of these three photographic artists. The models' understanding of this commitment, their complete trust and confidence in the photographers and their individual beauty of form, has made possible an exceptional body of work.
    • 12th September to 13th October - Michael Kenna[+]
      Artist - Michael Kenna

      Michael Kenna is a major international photographer, English born but based in the USA since the 1970s. His talent has led to major solo exhibitions and the publication of many handsome catalogues and books. His work is much sought after and collected throughout the world, by private buyers and public art museums. This is point light's fourth solo exhibition by Michael Kenna.
    • 21st November to 22nd December - George Tice - Jersey Boy[+]
      Artist - George Tice

      An exhibition of 31 photographs from master American photographer George Tice to celebrate his 75th birthday and his 60th year in photography.

      Born in New Jersey in 1938, where his ancestors settled ten generations before, George Tice still lives and photographs there with passion and dedication. His long career as a photographer includes numerous awards, books and exhibitions. As early as 1972 he was honoured with a one-man show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and then in 2002 another major exhibition at the International Center for Photography, also in New York.

      During his anniversary year several galleries throughout the USA are holding exhibitions of Tice's work. He has just published his 18th book - Seldom Seen - and a DVD of his life and work was released to coincide with these shows.

      We are privileged to have been representing George Tice in Australia since 1997.


    • 17th March to 15th April - Double Agent[+]
      Artist - Anne Lynam

      Anne Lynam is one of the most innovative photographers ever to use classical monochrome photography to express herself. In this exhibition Anne brings together some of her best work from the past ten years as well as many new images to delight and intrigue the view. Most of the photographs are reproduced in Anne's new book Enigma which will be available during the exhibition.
    • 30th June to 29th July - New Works[+]
      Artist - John Studholme and Junichi Koyatsu

      This month we are delighted to bring you the work of two photographers, new to point light, from opposite sides of the Equator. John from Tasmania and Junichi from Japan are both fine photographic artists who treasure quiet moments in the landscape.
    • 7th September to 7th October 2012 - Girraween[+]
      Artist - Julian Pearce

      The rugged granite belt of southern Queensland in Girraween National Park is the subject of Julian Pearce’s latest body of work, made over several years and expressed as platinum / palladium photographs by direct contact with negatives from his 11 x 14 inch view camera. This will be Julian's first solo exhibition at point light gallery.

    • 11th October to 18th November 2012 - Ralph Gibson - 50 : years[+]
      Artist - Ralph Gibson

      Renowned New York-based photographer Ralph Gibson is here as our guest in October. He is exhibiting a small selection from his considerable body of work, giving a talk at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and running two three-day workshops.

      Ralph Gibson studied photography in the US Navy and then at the San Francisco Art Institute before beginning his professional career as assistant to Dorothea Lange and later to Robert Frank. He published his first book, The Somnabulist, in 1970 thereby beginning a lifelong fascination with books and book-making.

      Gibson's photographs are in more than 150 museum collections world-wide and have appeared in hundreds of solo exhibitions. His many awards include fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts (USA), the Leica Medal of Excellence, the Lucie Lifetime Award and the Silver Plumb Award.

      Since his teenage years Gibson has maintained a relationship with the guitar. Recently he has incorporated his photographs and musical compositions into film and live performances.
    • 1st to 23rd December 2012 - The Coonara Collective[+]
      Artist - Eight photographic artists

      The Coonara Collective is a group of dedicated photographers working in the classical traditions of film and (mostly) large format cameras. Every year this group - each of whom has exhibited at point light gallery (and who met through the gallery's activities) - meets at Coonara, a property in the Yarra Valley of Victoria, to work, to imbibe each other's enthusiasm for the medium and to critically review each other's output from the previous year. This peer review leads to an increasing quality of both artistry and technique. It is now our pleasure to present a selection of photographs from the members of the Coonara Collective.

      Kate Baker (Victoria)

      David Murrell (NSW)

      Julian Pearce (Queensland)

      David Roberts (Victoria)

      John Studholme (Tasmania)

      Steve Tester (Victoria)

      Angela Turnbull (NSW)

      Gordon Undy (NSW)


    • February - On the walls now[+]
      Artist - Various

      Gallery re-opens 10th February 2011 with selected work from the following artists whom we represent:

      - Linda Connor
      - Richard O'Farrell
      - Enrico Scotece
      - George Tice
      - John Wimberley

      Five outstanding visions of our world.
    • March - On the walls now[+]
      Artist - Various

      During March we are showing selected work from the following artists whom we represent -

      - Anne Lynam
      - Enrico Scotece
      - Stephen Tester
      - George Tice
      - John Wimberley
    • April - Polishing the Stars[+]
      Artist - Richard O'Farrell

      For the last two years Richard O'Farrell has been photographing a very special private garden, the owner of which declared that when he was done with this world he would be "polishing the stars". The garden is beautiful, the images are ethereal.

      This is O'Farrell's fourth solo exhibition at point light gallery; once again he has used his unique talents to produce a magical series of photographs.
    • June - Masterworks from the Permanent Collection[+]
      Artist - Various

      Fine black and white photography by acknowledged masters of the art. The exhibition consists of works from point light's permanent collection, acquired by the directors over the past twenty years. It includes photographs by international artists such as Paul Caponigro, Michael Kenna, Willy Ronis and John Wimberley as well as Australians like Jane Burton Taylor, Anne Lynam, Anthony Howard, David Roberts, Enrico Scotece and Gordon Undy.

      This exhibition is part of the Head On Photo Festival 2011.
    • July - Five Australian Photographers[+]
      Artist - Various

      It is wonderful to have the opportunity to present the work of these five Australian photographers, each using medium to large format film cameras and mostly printing by direct contact of the negative with the paper.

      We are showing selections from five portfolios each of which we hope to exhibit in its entirety in the future. The photographers are -

      - Julie Boland
      - Jon Reid
      - David Roberts
      - Stephen Tester
      - Angie Turnbull

      You may remember work by Stephen Tester and David Roberts from previous exhibitions however Angie, Julie and Jon are on our walls for the first time. All will surprise and delight you.
    • August - Shadow Play[+]
      Artist - Various

      Shadow Play features a selection of photographs by twelve photographers who have dedicated their vision to the monochrome image.

      These photographs, none of which has been previously exhibited, present the viewer with a glimpse into each artist's sense of place and vision. The variety between artists and the consistency within each are sure indicators that each deserves his/her place now and in the future.

      From curious perspectives to straight representations of the matter surrounding us Shadow Play is an exciting body of new works on show every weekend up to and including August 21,
      or by appointment with Enrico Scotece on 0412 067 239.

      All works are fibre based gelatin silver photographs.
    • September - Odyssey[+]
      Artist - Linda Connor

      Linda Connor is a San Francisco based photographer who is widely acknowledged and acclaimed for her unique visual style. She travels with her view camera to places of rich historical, cultural and spiritual value. Her photographs honour these places and peoples with respectful simplicity.

      "Odyssey - the photographs of Linda Connor" is a major retrospective which travelled art museums in the USA over the past three years. Here we present a selection of her vintage and classic photographs from that exhibition.
    • October - Illuminations[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      Recently, while photographing near Mansfield in Victoria with my friend Stephen Tester, I happened upon a shadow made by the last of the sunlight on the side of an old dairy. By the time I was ready to expose the film the light had almost gone. As you can see I made the photograph but it reminded me of how dependent we photographers all are on the sun and its glancing effects on the landscape. Obvious in some ways but it set me searching for other moments in the past when a photograph would not have resulted without just that touch of sunlight (and very occasionally its absence) to bring out the magic of the world as I see it.

      What you will see in this show are the results of that search and I feel quite rewarded by it. Many photographs are made where the sun is incidental to the image but some could not happen without its precise orientation or occasionally its total absence - i.e. after dark. Instead of saying 'You had to be there' I hope these photographs will actually transport you and show you what it was like.


    • 4 February to 7 March - foglie di luce[+]
      Artist - Enrico Scotece

      Enrico Scotece makes his solo debut at point light gallery with an exhibition of exquisite black and white photographs. The exhibition pulls together works from his ongoing project entitled “A Thousand Leaves”. Exploring the effects of light and shadow on leaves, the shape and flow of foliage on trees and vines, Enrico is also interpreting the relationship between humans and natural phenomena within the urban environment.

      For the last decade or so Enrico Scotece has worked in Sydney as a freelance
      photographer, teaches photomedia at the University of Western Sydney and more recently at point light photographic workshops. He continues the tradition of classical photography begun in the 1830s and given new life in the twenty first century by those who appreciate its subtle alchemy.
    • 11 March to 11 April - evidence of magic[+]
      Artist - John Wimberley

      Eminent American landscape photographer John Wimberley makes
      his Australian debut with photographs from two bodies of work. The first is his series on native North American petroglyphs, published last year in a book entitled "Evidence of Magic". Wimberley spent ten years searching out and photographing these fragile cultural treasures.

      Magic of a different kind is in Wimberley's wildly successful portfolio entitled Realization of Anima which includes his wonderful Descending Angel.
      We will be showing all eight images from this exciting series.

      John Wimberley has been photographing for just on forty years. He has been honoured with over fifty exhibitions including two two-man shows with Ansel Adams. His work is represented in at least 400 public and private collections, including many major art museums.
    • 15 April to 16 May - lanjanuc[+]
      Artist - Stephen Tester

      Home of the Dja Dja Wurrung people - in what is now known as Mt Alexander in Victoria - Lanjanuc is full of feelings that will still be there in a million years if we leave it alone. And alone is what Steve likes to be to savour the quietness and richness of the light and the land there, especially when it arrives under cover of the trees. At all times of day there is some remanence of the past carried by the grass, the trees, the rocks and the air - a very Australian place.
      These photographs - executed in hand-coated palladium or palladium/platinum - bring Lanjanuc to life in the most delicate and respectful way possible. The gentleness of the medium is a key agent in this but it is strongly supported by Steve’s ability to understand Lanjanuc’s essential simplicity. Acacia and Spring Shadows are shown here below.

      Steve lives in Castlemaine, Victoria and works with an 8x10 view camera to create these contact photographs in the same way that Edward Weston did in the 1940s at Point Lobos in America. Times and countries change but the essence of the land and mans’s relationship with it continues. The cult of the ‘new’ misses this point all too often and it is wonderful to have artists
      inspired by permanence. It will always be so as we struggle to keep the
      constants in our lives. This work makes its contribution to our health, well-being and enjoyment. For the quiet moments.
    • 20 May to 11 July - Fifty Years on Block K[+]
      Artist - Pat Sweet

      Goolhi Station, a sheep run in northwestern NSW, was subdivided into soldier settlement farming blocks in 1949. Block K was won by Pat Sweet's father in a ballot and he took his young family there to work the 1500 acres. There were no roads, no mains electricity and the only phone was on the homestead block.

      For her eleventh birthday Pat was given a Baby Brownie camera with which she
      photographed her family and the farm in the late 1950s. The images show a simple country life from a child's perspective - playing games, helping Mum, watching Dad work. These early films, processed by a local chemist at the time, provided the negatives from which Pat has made the present photographs.

      Fifty years later, at the end of a prolonged period of drought in the area, Pat
      photographed Block K where her brother still worked the family farm. She has
      photographed it with a nostalgic passion and a telling eye for the abstract.
      The resulting work is an important window into a way of life, both then and now, which few of us ever experience firsthand but which remains a fundamental part of the Australian psyche.
    • 18 July to 15 August - Quiet Light[+]
      Artist - Various

      Quiet Light features a selection of works by 10 photographers who have dedicated their vision to the monochrome photograph. All silver gelatin, with the exception of two beautiful platinum/palladium photographs, the works present the viewer with a glimpse of photographs that belong to a larger body of work by each photographer.

      View every weekend up to and including August 15, or by appointment.
    • 19 August to 19 September - Resonance[+]
      Artist - Anthony Howard

      This exhibition draws upon work executed by Anthony Howard over the past ten years. Beginning with his portfolio Presence, 22 beautiful hand-printed silver gelatin photographs, Howard has built an impressive collection from which to choose, including a suite of exquisite platinum/palladium photographs in his portfolio Delhi and Dharmsala.

      Stimulated by a sense of wonder, Howard is moved to discover and respond to everyday beauty. Often it's simply the fall of light. At other times something less obvious may be revealed - mystery and surprise
      are usually involved.

      “The essence of real beauty may be gathered from the commonplace, from what lies close around us in life. By learning to appreciate this truth, our lives will be enriched ... ennobled.” (From A Glimpse of Japanese
      Ideals by Jiro Harada).
    • 23 September to 17 October - Field of View[+]
      Artist - David Tatnail

      David Tatnall's photographs have often featured in conservation campaigns in
      Victoria and he is indeed a much celebrated conservationist . I t i s c lear from his photographs however that his real motivation is simply a passion for nature in its simplest forms. His work shows a fine empathy with those deepest feelings that we all experience in the forests and wild places of Australia.

      David's photographs are in many public collections including the Monash Gallery of Art, the State Library of Victoria and the National Gallery of Victoria and increasingly in many private collections. David has held more than twenty solo exhibitions and appeared in dozens of group shows.Field of View is David's first solo exhibition in New South Wales. His conservation message and the beauty of his photographs transcend state boundaries.
    • 21 October to 14 November - Inside Mysteries[+]
      Artist - David Roberts

      The exhibition “Inside Mysteries” arises from David Roberts’ fascination with questions and deep conundrums. Infinite in number and infinitely interesting, questions about the mysteries of life and living provide a visual genesis. Aristotle believed that philosophy began with a sense of wonder - and clearly we do not wonder about things we know. The unknown is the fertile ground where mysteries live.

      This is David Roberts’ second exhibition at point light after his very successful debut show here early in 2008. Those familiar with Roberts’ work will know that almost all of his photographs are made by contact with the in-camera negatives exposed with his very large format cameras from 5x7 inches through 20x24 inches. These contact photographs are made on the now unavailable Kodak Azo paper, a silver chloride emulsion which facilitates the creation of some of the most beautiful photographs you will ever see.

      For David Roberts, photographically shaping the literal light that in turn enlightens the shape of our understanding is an activity akin to what Minor White described as “.....photographing something for what else it may be”.
      May you enjoy these photographs for what they are and for what else they may be.
    • 18 November to 19 December - Photographs[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      This is the 100th exhibition at point light and the end of our fourteenth year of exhibiting the work of monochrome photographers. Thus it is a perfect opportunity to show you new work by Gordon Undy, the co-founder of this gallery and one of Australia’s finest landscape photographers.


    • 5 February to 8 March - thoughts[+]
      Artist - Richard O'Farrell

      This exhibition of new photographs by Richard O’Farrell shows a free flow of thoughts from a man who feels his emotions deeply and is able to be totally present in each moment. In this series of images you will share some of his intimate experiences over the past two years.

      Most of this work was done in India and Sri Lanka where Richard lived solely on water for twelve days as the result of a food-induced illness. His senses were highly tuned and it shows.
      As Richard says - “My state of mind at the time may have been at either pole - or in between - and yet all of these works have an underlying sense of calm and serenity ... My use of photography allows me a wonderful outlet to ‘write’ the tumultuous thoughts in my bipolar mind.”
    • 12 March to 19 April - anomalous[+]
      Artist - Anne Lynam

      Dramatic lighting conditions and the film noir genre play a major role in the work of Dublin born Sydney artist Anne Lynam. Whatever her photographic subject
      - shapes and patterns in the built environment or more recently still life - she observes the changing light and awaits the unexpected. As a result her fine black and white photographs avoid the usual and exude an air of mystery.

      Featured in the March 2009 issue of B&W Magazine
      Anne's imagery is both visually pleasing and mentally stimulating.
    • 23 April to 31 May - meditations - on a beach[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      Gordon Undy is best known for his intimate black and white photographs of
      the Australian landscape. Discovering a special place, then returning often over
      a long period of time, allows him to observe, feel and develop this intimacy.

      For four years Undy has photographed at Ellis Beach in Far North Queensland,
      experiencing both a physical and spiritual connection with this particular meeting of land and sea. The result is a new collection of beautiful images from a master photographer and printer.

      meditations on a beach is an exhibition and artist’s book of sixteen hand-coated platinum/palladium/gold photographs.
    • 13 June to 12 July - emergence 8[+]
      Artist - Students at point light school of photography

      This is the 8th in a series of exhibitions by graduates of the printing school and workshops at point light. The work of 28 graduates is shown demonstrating yet again that finely crafted photographs have a unique capacity to convey their ideas simply and clearly.

      Four of these graduates have become solo exhibitors already and at least four more are headed in that direction, giving point light good reason for pride in this work. Those exhibiting are:

      Kate Baker, Bruce Jackson, Don Runcie, Julie Boland, Leanne Koh, Elizabeth Schaffer, Robbie Buck, Penelope McNuity, Tony Sillavan, Jane Burton Taylor, Beryl-Louise Mitchell,Pat Sweet, Peter Marendy, Richard O'Farrell, Angie Turnbull, Graham Butler, Julian Pearce, Fiona Vaughan, Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman, Oliver Reddaway, Michael Waite, Grace Chan, Pauline Roach, David Weston, Paul Dorahy, Patricia Roche, Anthony Howard, Rob Howie
    • 18 July to 23 August - northern exposures[+]
      Artist - Ian Williams & Gordon Undy

      During the winter months it is sometimes good to be reminded of sunnier climes so we are happy to present places, an exhibition of the work of two Queensland born photographers. Both Ian Williams and Gordon Undy have spent much of their time exploring special places in Queensland and Northern NSW and creating photographs which show aspects not usually seen.

      Williams has a continuing interest in the abstract patterns of Moreton Island and the Brisbane hinterland His observations of the architecture have also featured in exhibitions at this gallery. The work shown here has not been seen for quite a while and it is time to revisit this output of one of Australia’s finest landscape photographers. He works mainly with 8x10 and 4x5 inch cameras.

      Undy has some favourite places in the far north including Chillagoe, west of Cairns and this exhibition includes - amongst other things - a small portfolio of eight photographs made while working there with his medium format camera rather than the large formats which are his usual cameras of choice in the landscape. This is the first complete showing of this portfolio.

      Moving a long way further north-east in the world to Maine, Vermont and Yosemite in the USA Undy was more attracted to the subtleties of the platinum/palladium medium to express the subjects of his choice.
      Exhibited here are some of his earliest photographs in this medium.
    • 05 September to 11 October - the first thirteen years - part 1[+]
      Artist - Gallery collection

      December 2009 marks thirteen years of showing wonderful traditional photographyat point light gallery. Between now and Christmas we will exhibit sixty of the best photographs from many of the ninety exhibitions that have graced our walls.

      Why celebrate thirteen? Well actually it has been ten years since moving to our
      present location but there were some classics in the three years preceding that and we would like to include them too.

      There will be three shows each of five weeks duration showing approximately twenty of the best each.
    • 15 October to 15 November - the first thirteen years - part 2[+]
      Artist - Gallery collection

      December 2009 marks thirteen years of showing wonderful traditional photography at point light gallery. In the months leading up to Christmas we are exhibiting sixty of the best photographs from many of the ninety exhibitions that have graced our walls.

      Part 1, which showed the first twenty of these photographs, was a great treat for all who saw it - memorable images from 1949 to the present.

      Part 2 will be just as wonderful with another twenty of the best, including Allan Grant's shot of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly backstage at the Oscars in 1956 (left) from one our most popular exhibitions, Woman.

      Amongst the highlights in Part 2 you will see Paul Caponigro's Two Pears, a beautifully evocative still life from this gentle spiritual American photographer.

      Australian landscapes from our own Gordon Undy are always much appreciated
      so we will be exhibiting, amongst others, this cover from his book “Intimations”

      There will be three shows each of five weeks duration showing approximately twenty of the best each.
    • 19 November to 20 December - the first thirteen years - part 3[+]
      Artist - Gallery collection

      This exhibition is the last in a trilogy of shows to mark thirteen years of wonderful traditional photography at point light gallery. In the months leading up to Christmas we are exhibiting sixty of the best photographs from most of the ninety exhibitions that have graced our walls. Fine black and white photographs of this calibre are rarely seen in Australia outside the major public galleries.

      Choosing the “best” from a list which includes Paul Caponigro, George Tice, David Moore, Jill White, Elliott Erwitt and Fay Godwin, has been most enjoyable and made for some unusual juxtapositions.

      Linda Connor’s work in spiritual and religious locations from Cambodia to Cappadocia takes us on a journey to other worlds both without and within.
      By contrast Judy Dater’s photograph of Imogen Cunningham with her favourite model Twinka appeals to our sense of humour, while being a superb portrait of the two women.

      Continuing as the only gallery in this country to show solely monochrome photography we open in February 2010 with a series of one-person exhibitions by Australian and international photographers making their point light debuts.


    • 17 February to 2 March - a way of seeing[+]
      Artist - David Roberts

      David Roberts makes photographs with a passion born out of a love for all things, including his chosen medium of expression, large- and ultra-large-format photography.

      The medium is incomparable, facilitating exceptional clarity of vision and expression. David’s contemplative experience of the world, particularly from his years living with the Inuit in the Arctic and the Dene in remote far northern Canada, reveals itself in the quietness of his pictures - never more so than in the life size portrait of his Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama made in Melbourne last year.

      Each of David’s photographs is made by direct contact between the original ‘in camera’ negative and the exquisite though now unobtainable silver-chloride paper (Kodak’s Azo). He works with cameras from 5x7 inches to 20x24 inches.
    • 12 March to 6 April - in the round[+]
      Artist - Roman Uhliar Romanski

      Born and educated in the Slovak Republic before migrating to Australia in 1998, Roman has travelled the world photographing and winning awards with his images. He works with the unique panoramic camera, a Seitz Roundshot, which has a variable picture angle of 1 to 740 degrees. Placing himself centre stage he photographs his subjects in the round in one continuous shot. The results are intriguing, especially the portraits, as his “sitters” change positions during the making of the photographs and appear in various places and poses all in the one frame.
    • 18 October to 16 November - celebration[+]
      Artist - Works old and new by our favourite overseas artists

      Work from these artists has often been seen on our walls though, as with all great photography, each viewing is always rewarding. This exhibition has several new photographs from Linda Connor as well as images by the other photographers which we have not shown for the last three years. Bringing these out is our way of celebrating our return from our travels and introduces a season from now through to May 2009 during which you will see the latest work by several Australian photographers.
      This show will give you a chance to refresh your concept of what point light stands for so that we can all enjoy some of the finest photography in the world with a clear standard of excellence.

      These four photographers are widely different in style - Caponigro with his great depth of feeling for the land; Connor with her enviable spontaneity and directness; Tice with his passion for urban reality and Kenna with his talent for creative interpretation, all provide food for rich contemplation.
    • 22 November to 21 December - hyde park harmony - portraits in the park[+]
      Artist - Anthony Browell

      Due to age and disease many of the large old fig trees in Sydney’s Hyde Park will be removed and replaced over the next decade. With their removal we will also lose a poignant remnant of our history – the countless love stories which have been carved into their bark.

      Over the last two years Anthony Browell has photographed people in the park, recording them with the trees, using a pinhole camera. This series of photographs is as much a tribute to those who surrendered to the charm of his camera as it is to the splendour of the trees and the calming beauty of the park itself.


    • 8 February to 4 March - Truth and Beauty[+]
      Artist - Various artists

      ruth and Beauty is the first in a series of several exhibitions featuring artists who choose to work with the traditional photographic contact process. These artists do so largely because of the sensuousness of the process.

      The sheer tonal beauty that is possible when a photograph is made by direct contact between the negative from the camera and the ultimate photographic surface is seductive in itself. Add to this the self-authenticating nature of photography on film (i.e. the subject actually had to be there in the first place) and the medium becomes almost irresistible - truth with beauty.

      This exhibition consists of a selection of photographs from nine artists working with the exquisite contact process. All the photographs are part of much larger bodies of work, some complete, some continuing. The artists are:

      Anthony Browell, Michael Kenna, George Tice, Linda Connor, Bob Kersey, Gordon Undy, Susan Huber, Richard O'Farrell, Tim Williams
    • 8 March to 15 April - Making Contact[+]
      Artist - Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee

      Individually and as a team Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee are known worldwide for their stunning imagery and their exquisite contact photographs made on Azo paper, a rarely seen silver medium dating from the beginnings of photography.

      Dedicated to their craft Michael and Paula travel constantly, photographing, teaching and visiting curators and collectors. This year alone they will hold exhibitions in Austin (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Sydney and Paris and conduct their Vision and Technique workshops in the USA, Australia and France.

      Making Contact consists of recent photographs from Iceland and Tuscany and some of Michael and Paula’s earlier images made in the USA. This is their first exhibition in Australia as well as their first visit to this country from their home base in Pennsylvania.
    • 19 April to 20 May - figments[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      A one hundred metre stretch of the North Johnstone River near Malanda in Far North Queensland provides the subject matter for figments, which is my expression of love for the place with its light, leaves, reflections and turtles. This expression results from my work there during the past three winters.

      figments is a portfolio of fourteen hand-coated platinum/palladium photographs made on a base of Crane's 100% cotton natural white wove paper by direct contact with the film which received its light stimulus from this exotic rainforest environment. It is available as individual photographs and as a very limited edition of eight handmade books. Each leather bound and slipcased book has the fourteen handmade photographs tipped into its pages.


    • 2 February to 12 March - Family[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      “Most photographs of one’s family are destined either never to be printed or to languish and age in the family album or in a shoebox under the bed. I want mine to last forever, to be a source of information and enjoyment for the generations to follow. This exhibition came out of that desire. The photographs selected will form the portfolios I will leave to my children.

      Like most family albums there is very little artistic intent in the contents; they exist only to remind us of key events and of the people who enriched our lives. In our families lies our immortality.”

      Gordon Undy
    • 16 March to 30 April - Urban Expressive[+]
      Artist - Deborah Sweeney

      Susan Sontag said that all photographs testify to passing moments in time and the mutability of things [On Photography].

      The poet Czeslaw Miloscz said that poetry is “an expression of wondering at things, landscapes, people, their habits and mores” [A Book of Luminous Things].

      These photographs record my “expressions of wondering” about human experiences in city environments. They record found moments, accretions and ephemera. The walls of the city are palimpsests and most of these images have disappeared since I photographed them.
    • 4 May to 4 June - [All is] Divined[+]
      Artist - Anthony Browell

      These photographs are the legacy of a thrilling period in my photographic life, involving the process of image making at its most fundamental, using the most rudimentary and primitive of tools.

      These tools are hand-made and home-made, the images are sometimes a little unpredictable, and the co-operative process – with nature, with my collaborators and the laws of chance – has opened up a world of new possibilities.
    • 5 October to 5 November - Virginia's Dance School[+]
      Artist - Richard O'Farrell

      Entering Virginia’s Dance School for the first time was a beautiful moment. The School resides in a converted church blessed with a soft luminous light that has created wonderful energies.

      Virginia complements this place perfectly, inspiring her students to lose themselves in the art of dance. As a photographer I immersed myself in the classes to capture faces, shadows and movement, to find the essence of creative expression through dance.
    • 9 November to 17 December - Il Destino : Twelve Italian Australian families[+]
      Artist - Jane Burton Taylor

      Il Destino is an exhibition of evocative black and white photographs which document twelve Italian Australian families going about the business of living. Some record the cultural connections the different family and community members still have with Italy. Others are more intimate, recording private moments in the midst of life turning points.

      In association with this exhibition Jane Burton Taylor has published the book Qui e Li – Here and There : a photo essay on the life and hometowns of Italian Australians. The book is available from point light at a cost of AUD$55.00 plus postage and handling.


    • 3 February to 20 March - Woman[+]
      Artist - Curated by Lyndell Undy

      An eclectic collection of fine black and white photographs
      on a perennial and universal theme.

      Curated by Lyndell Undy.
    • 24 February to 1 May - Sydney Seen[+]
      Artist - Andrew Smallman

      Sydney is a fascinating study in architecture and urban planning, or the lack of it. It offers an eclectic mix of old and new, ugly and beautiful, large and small, decrepit and wonderful, all jumbled together in an egalitarian or perhaps chaotic fashion.

      In this series of photographs I have chosen structures that took my attention and which together have something to say about Sydney’s approach to architecture.
    • 5 May to 19 June - This is My Place[+]
      Artist - Bob Kersey

      Black Mountain and the surrounding countryside are depicted in this
      collection of photographs, many of which are contact printed from
      12 x 20 inch negatives onto hand coated platinum palladium paper.
    • 23 June to 17 July - One[+]
      Artist - Richard O'Farrell

      This collection of photographs presents images of quietness and simplicity in a world where time for quiet thoughts and moments seems to be diminishing. The title best describes a common trait of the photographs — one moment, one thought, presenting one object or person peacefully alone, at one with a moment.
    • 21 July to 14 August - Natural Selection[+]
      Artist - Curated by Michelle Perry

      An exhibition of fine black and white photographs selected by Michelle Perry from all the work held on consignment at point light gallery.
    • 18 August to 25 September - Intervals[+]
      Artist - Jill White

      Jill White is perhaps best known as Max Dupain's long-time assistant and printer of his archive of exhibition negatives. In the odd intervals of time available for her own work, Jill White found her expression mostly in photographing landscape and making portraits. Occasional trips overseas and into the Australian countryside have inspired some memorable images, while her natural empathy with people is evident in her intimate portraits.
    • 29 September to 6 November - Works... in mysterious ways[+]
      Artist - Anne Lynam

      “Cities energise and inspire me. I love to wander the streets and feel their distinctive metropolitan moods and urban rhythms. There is always more than meets the eye among the patterns and textures of the built environment.

      In my images I try to capture the familiar in an unfamiliar way; to produce pictures that are mentally stimulating and visually satisfying, engaging the imagination and allowing the viewer to unravel the tale.”

      Each of these photographs - from Sydney, Paris or Dublin - does not tell a complete story but hints at events about to unfold.
    • 10 November to 18 December - Still Voices[+]
      Artist - Paul Caponigro

      Paul Caponigro is America’s greatest living landscape photographer, acknowledging the tradition of landscape masters Ansel Adams and Edward Weston and the mystical photography of his mentor, Minor White.

      This exhibition was mostly new work along with some classic images from Caponigro’s long career. point light was the only commercial gallery in Australia showing these masterworks and for a strictly limited time.


    • 5 February to 14 March - arrival 2004[+]
      Artist - New portfolios by five photographers

      This annual show presents new portfolios by a small group of artists who have worked for a year with Gordon Undy as their mentor. With such a master photographer/printer as guide and a talented peer group to challenge and support them, each has produced a significant portfolio of fine black and white photographs.

      The group came together from diverse backgrounds - arts administration, law, real estate and fitness training - but were united in their passion for photography to express their very personal ideas and emotions.

      The five photographers and their portfolios are:

      Michael Hunter - Moments of Grace
      Alison Pratt - Pauses
      Deborah Sweeney - A poetry of women
      Kathryn Thomas - The space between
      Tobi Wilkinson - Engagement
    • 18 March to 25 April - a wondrous journey[+]
      Artist - Linda Connor

      To view Linda Connor's work is to embark on a wondrous journey. Like the images conjured up by words from favorite books, her photographs resonate deep within our memories. They transport us to other worlds. As if we were privy to another's dreams, there is a feeling of intimacy that bridges the distance between artist and viewer, past and present, here and there. Our response to the light imbedded in each image is the gift Linda creates in her work - a fascination and compassion for the spirit of humanity, its landscape, and its soul.

      Afterword by Dennis High, from 'Linda Connor : Luminance'.--
      Carmel, CA : Woodrose Publishing in association with the Center for Photographic Art, 1994
    • 29 April to 20 June - Monique's Kindergarten[+]
      Artist - Michael Kenna

      This is a unique exhibition from one of the world's great photographic artists. Most will be familiar with Michael Kenna's creativity as a landscape artist and his wonderful skills at bringing an image to life with his printing style.

      This body of work, however, reveals the depths of his seeing and produces inspiringly sensitive photographs of the nature of childhood and children's imaginations. Four by five inch contact photographs are perfectly appropriate for the diminutive subject matter - the toys and the nurturing environment of a Rudolf Steiner kindergarten.

      Due to the high level of interest in this exhibition we have extended its run for two weeks beyond the previously advertised closing date. It will now close on 20th June.
    • 24 June to 29 August - The Directors' Cut[+]
      Artist - Selection from Lyndell and Gordon Undy's personal collection

      A selection of photographs from the personal collection of point light directors Lyndell and Gordon Undy. This includes works by many of the photographers we represent and several we don't, artists such as Harold Cazneaux, David Moore, Constantine Manos and Fay Godwin.

      The long run of The Directors' Cut will allow us time to work on special projects - Gordon bringing his second book to fruition, Lyndell curating an international group exhibition to be shown early next year, Michelle writing her Masters thesis and Bruce implementing some changes to the physical layout of the studio area.
    • 2 September to 10 October - Origini - Hometowns of Italo-Australians[+]
      Artist - Jane Burton Taylor

      This exhibition of gentle lyrical photographs takes us on an unusual journey through the original hometowns of Italo-Australians. Presenting quiet moments in the daily life and rituals of these towns, from the Veneto to Sicily, the photographs are at once idiosyncratic and universal. Like film stills they simultaneously capture private moments and suggest a story.

      The photographs evoke a strong sense of familiarity and place, even for those who have not been to Italy. Most of us have memories - immediate or inherited from past generations - of other shores. These images explore that dimension of other places and the origins which define who we are as contemporary Australians.
    • 14 October to 19 December - Intimations[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      The photographs I selected for this exhibition and book continue my sense of symbiosis with the apparently infinite continuity of being that embraces and nurtures us; they are evidence of those places and moments in which I felt a surge of understanding, however fleeting, about the nature of things; they are my window onto eternity; they are the places where I can rest my soul and feel secure. Yet they still hold their secrets; all I really have are these intimations.

      With this exhibition and book we are also releasing Beads of Light, a CD of music written and performed by Fiona Johnson (nee Undy) and Cameron Undy.


    • 6 February to 16 March - Arrival 2003[+]
      Artist - New portfolio by five photographers

      This annual show presents new portfolios by five photographers who have worked for a year with their mentor Gordon Undy to produce significant bodies of work.

      The photographers this year are -

      Michael Armstrong - On my walks
      Jane Burton Taylor - Play
      John Lam-Po-Tang - Eye level
      Stuart Nolan - Mystery
      Louise Stuckey - + water
    • 20 March to 27 April - Across the crystal frontier[+]
      Artist - Brett Leigh Dicks

      From his Tucson base, Australian photographer Brett Leigh Dicks retraced some of the paths that have been forged across the Sonoran Desert. His photographic exploration led him along both ancient passageways and modern trails across a region known locally as the crystal frontier.
    • 1 May to 8 June - Tasmania - Glacial remnants[+]
      Artist - Murray Fredericks

      Predominantly shot above the tree line, these photographs speak of the ancient, worn and glaciated landscape where the interplay of rock, cloud and light becomes the major theme.

      The exhibition centres on images taken over the last three years in the southwest and central plateau regions of Tasmania.
    • 12 June to 20 July - New York State of Mind[+]
      Artist - Anne Lynam

      Anne Lynam's first solo exhbition is a marvellous collection of photographs taken with humour and wonder and an appreciation for the truly bizarre that can only happen in New York.
    • 24 July to 24 August - emergence 7[+]
      Artist - Students at point light school of photography

      point light students of expressive black and white printing and those participating in Gordon Undy's Mentor Program again demonstrate that finely crafted photographs have a unique ability to convey ideas simply and clearly.
    • 28 August to 5 October - Tate Transformation[+]
      Artist - Richard Glover

      Australian photographer Richard Glover documented the seven year long transformation of the disused and derelict Bankside Power Station on the River Thames into the Tate Modern gallery that opened in 2000
    • 9 October to 16 November - Kumbh Mela 2001[+]
      Artist - Stephen Dupont

      The Kumbh Mela is the biggest festival in the Hindu calendar, held every twelve years in northern India. The 2001 festival, the first of the new millenium, was the largest gathering in human history with millions upon millions of Hindus making the pilgrimage to bathe in the River Ganges.

      International award winning photographer Stephen Dupont allowed himself to be caught up in the throng.
    • 20 November to 21 December - Summer Stock[+]
      Artist - Fine black and white photographs from the point light collection

      Borrowing from the American theatre tradition of staging popular productions from the repertoire during summer, a tradition known as "Summer Stock", point light begins the festive season showing favourites from its collection of fine black and white photographs. Here is an opportunity to see some superb images which drew a lot of attention when first exhibited and which deserve to be displayed more often.

      On show will be photographs by nineteen artists, including Americans Paul Caponigro, George Tice, Linda Connor and Michael Kenna, as well as Australians Gordon Undy, Murray Fredericks, Anne Lynam and Tom Balfour.

      Most of the artists in Summer Stock have enjoyed solo exhibitions at point light in the past few years. Their fine black and white photographs are always available for viewing from the gallery's archival storage boxes.


    • 7 February to 10 March - Arrival 2002[+]
      Artist - First portfolio by seven photographers

      This annual show presents new portfolios by a number of photographers at the beginning of their exhibition careers. Each photographer has worked during the past year to produce a significant portfolio of images on a theme.

      The photographers and their portfolios are:

      Sue Callister - Seen... a journey
      Adriana De Bry - Origin
      Anthony Howard - Presence
      Anne Lynam - Enigma
      Linda Marks - Frutta e Vegetali
      Susanne Olsen - Nord-Syd Logbog 2001
      Michelle Perry - Tapestry

      "Arrival 2002 reveals adventurous stirrings among the seven selected photographers... This (is) beautifully observed and printed black and white photography."

      Robert McFarlane Sydney Morning Herald 14th Feb 2002
    • 14 March to 14 April - Sometimes a river[+]
      Artist - Colin Brigstock

      The Finke River begins in the West MacDonnell Ranges and disappears into the Simpson Desert. The landscape it traverses is wild, isolated and diverse from arid desert to wild flower strewn plains and huge monoliths like Chambers Pillar.

      Colin's fine black and white photographs are a very personal view of this unique region of Central Australia. It is fitting that this exhibition comes to fruition in 2002, the Year of the Outback.

      "These are satisfying black and white landscape photographs, rendered with the fine printing techinique for which the gallery's artists are noted."

      Robert McFarlane Sydney Morning Herald 27th March 2002
    • 18 April to 19 May - Haiku[+]
      Artist - Michael Kenna

      "Using the analogy of literature, I like to think of my photographs in terms of haiku poetry rather than literal narrative. In a few words the haiku can suggest an infinity, with the helpful reader filling in the details. In my work I try to supply a setting, an atmosphere and a few prompts. My wish would be to act as a catalyst for the viewer's own imagination to 'finish' the images in their minds."
    • 23 May to 23 June - Beyond the blue[+]
      Artist - Various

      Immediately beyond the Blue Mountains west of Sydney lies some of the most beautiful land in this country, a timeless land which Bruce Crowther, Bob Kersey and Gordon Undy explored last year. Beyond the Blue presents the results in photographs of their journey together.
    • 27 June to 4 August - Recent work[+]
      Artist - Linda Connor

      A professor of photography at San Francisco Art Institute since 1969 and a renowned photographer, Linda Connor travels extensively to photograph. She is drawn to ancient places and sacred sites where her images capture the connection between the physical and the spiritual, the marks of civilizations and the vulnerability of human existence.
    • 8 August to 8 September - Emergence 6[+]
      Artist - Students at point light school of photography

      point light students of fine printing and those participating in Gordon Undy's current Mentor Program demonstrate that finely crafted black and white photographs have a unique ability to convey their ideas simply and clearly.
    • 12 September to 13 October - Asides from a working life[+]
      Artist - Tom Balfour

      Tom Balfour's career as an architectural photographer covers more than twenty five years, beginning in Adelaide in the 1970s and flourishing through the 1980s when he worked in Max Dupain's Sydney studios.

      On commercial assignments Tom's eye was sometimes drawn aside to possibilitites not included in his brief - sunlight on a curved wall, textures in sandstone, a curious perspective. 'Asides' is an exhibition including these and other intriguing images from a working life.
    • 17 October to 22 December - Lines, written in Australia[+]
      Artist - Gordon Undy

      Outback in Australia it is possible to gain space to respond to those intimate revelations that reward quietness of mind in quiet places.

      Things have a way of communicating with us, and if we listen carefully, photographs may be made which sometimes reveal more than just the subject.

      To view information on the book of the exhibition, click here.


    • 6 December to 23 December 2001 - 5th anniversary exhibition[+]
      Artist - Various

      Five years ago point light gallery and school of photography opened with an exhibition by five Australian photographers and a workshop run for just one student. Our ambition then, as now, was to promote a high standard of black and white photography through a program of exhibitions and workshops. During those five years we have added more Australian photographers to our list, mounted solo shows by the internationally renowned Paul Caponigro, George Tice, Linda Connor, Michael Kenna and Fay Godwin and exhibited the work of more than a hundred point light students in group shows. Our 5th anniversary show features new work by all the photographers we represent.