About Us

"...foster the appreciation and creation of fine black and white photographs..."

Beginnings and Philosophy

point light was established in 1996 in Sydney by Lyndell and Gordon Undy to foster the appreciation and creation of fine black and white photographs through a program of exhibitions and workshops. This brought to Australia an invaluable link with a rich tradition of monochrome photography, a link forged through many years of exposure to the finest photographs in books and galleries and through meeting and studying with acknowledged masters.

Time spent with Paul Caponigro on landscape, George Tice on silver and platinum processes and meetings, developing later into friendships, with others such as Linda Connor, established a line of connection through to Minor White and Edward Weston, Edward Steichen, Harry Callahan and other greats.

Many photographers can produce one or two outstanding photographs but very few can sustain an output with ongoing integrity of vision. Good photographs are invariably made by artists with an understanding of their personal centre and an empathy with both the medium and the subject matter. This is a rare combination but it is one we seek in choosing our exhibitors at point light.

Being one level of abstraction from the world of colour, monochrome work inspires the viewer to make greater demands on his or her imagination and open a pathway to the soul. The viewer brings as much to the photograph as the photograph brings to the viewer.


point light holds in its collection the work of twenty photographic artists, mostly Australian, alongside some distinguished Americans. The photographs are stored in Solander boxes in our studio/storage space and are available for viewing on request.

We used to present occasional solo and group exhibitions. The gallery was small and intimate, with space on the walls for about thirty five photographs. Visitors were encouraged to linger, contemplate what they saw and perhaps discuss their thoughts and feelings with us if they were so moved.


Besides the gallery, point light had a fully equipped studio and darkroom where master classes in the use of film and photograph making were conducted by Gordon Undy and where a number of Australia’s finest photographic artists worked. For information about the classes we used to offer please go to our workshops page.